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Nylon Sheet is the most popular of all the sheet engineering plastics on the market at the moment and will provide a perfect solution for most applications. Nylon 6 Sheet has become an outstanding engineering plastic due to many reasons in particular its size range and broad high performance spectrum.

Nylon 6 Sheet Applications
Nylon Sheet is by far the most popular engineering plastic around and is used predominantly for wear strips, guide blocks and slideways. This is because Nylon Sheet has an excellent resistance to wear and abrasion and will outlast most other plastics and also most other more traditional materials such as Bronze and Brass. Nylon Sheet is also used for manufacturing jigs and fixtures due to its ease of machining and processing

Nylon 6 Sheet - Properties
Nylon Sheet is an easy to machine engineering plastic that is very hard wearing and abrasion resistant. Nylon Sheet is also low friction, tough and lightweight. Nylon Sheet is shock and impact resistant as well as electrical insulating* and can be bonded using readily available adhesives. Nylon Sheet though does absorb moisture, which means that components could expand very slightly in damp conditions.
* Recommed natural grade only

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