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This engineering plastic has become the most widely used and specified engineering plastic currently available and for very good reason. Nylon 6 Rod does have many advantages which are helped by the versitility and ease of production as well as the expertise of the manufacturing companies.

Nylon 6 Rod Applications
The most obvious application for Nylon Rod is for components such as bearings, gears, pulleys or bushes within many industrial environments. Nylon 6 Rod will provide a lower maintenance and more economical option to the more traditional materials such as Brass or Bronze and will often outlast these other materials and require less ongoing maintenance which will save money and time for the user. Nylon 6 Rod is also used for machine gears and will provide a quieter combination whilst running and will also absorb shock and help dampen some of the machine vibration in the process.

Nylon 6 Rod Grades
This is another advantage of Nylon 6 Rod in the fact that the manufacturers have used their considerable expertise to produce some outstanding grades of Nylon 6 which contain additives such as Molybdenum and special grade oils. These two additives will further improve and enhance the performance of their products that will vastly improve wear resistance and further reduce material friction.

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