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Nylon 6
Nylon 6 is one of the most popular engineering plastics currently available today and is specified for endless applications. Nylon 6 is also probably one of the most widely accepted grades for wear applications in so many industries.

Nylon 6 - Key Qualities

  • Low Friction
  • Hard Wearing
  • Easy to Machine
  • Electrical Insulation

Nylon 6 Properties
One of the main properties of Nylon 6 is that is it very hard wearing and will suit areas such as bearings or simular environments where there are moving parts or components sliding. Nylon 6 is also a very good insulator against shock transfer and also heat transfer, this can be an advantage for associated components although heat transfer is limited to within the range of what Nylon 6 can operate within. Nylon 6, as with most engineering plastics also offers a good level of electrial insulation although natural grades are better as the black grades contain carbon within their pigment.

Nylon 6 - Availability
Nylon 6 is manufactured in both rod and sheet and has an unrivaled overall range of sizes that no other engineering plastic can match. This is one of the big advantages of Nylon 6 with rod ranging from as small as 6mm diameter up to 600mm diameter but manufacturers can easily produce and often do produce much larger diameters. Sheet stock can range from around 1mm in thickness to in excess of 150mm although again, manufacturers will regularly produce Nylon much thicker upon request.

Nylon 6 - Advantages
Key advantages of Nylon 6 over other grades of Nylon are initially size range, availability as Nylon 6 is manufactured in a size range which is the most comprehensive of all of the engineering plastics. Other advantages include lower prices and more significant grade range. Nylon 6 cast grade material also has lower inherent stress due to the manufacturing process used which can help with reduced machining distortion of finished components.

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